• Deputy Director NeuroTech Harbor Johns Hopkins University

Deputy Director NeuroTech Harbor Johns Hopkins University

Supported by a $5M investment over 5 years (scalable up to +$20M annually) by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Johns Hopkins University and Howard University are teaming up to accelerate the creation of groundbreaking solutions to disorders of the nervous system. More than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from these disorders, which range from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease to chronic pain, addiction, mental health, multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraines, brain and nerve injuries, and more.Experts at the new NeuroTech Harbor (NTH) technology accelerator partner with diverse teams of top innovators from around the globe to supercharge the development of medical devices that improve diagnosis, treatment, and management of these conditions while also ensuring those technologies are accessible to all communities. Funded from NIH’s Blueprint MedTech program through grant U54EB033664, NTH is a biotechnology incubator which aims to accelerate the development of cutting-edge medical devices to diagnose and treat nervous system disorders. NIH selected NTH as one of two incubator hubs to foster innovative medical products, to prepare them for first-in-human demonstrations.At the cornerstone of NTH’s approach is a belief that bringing together diverse experts, leadership, and perspectives will amplify and accelerate innovation resulting in technologies and solutions that are more equitable and more accessible.NTH connects innovators to engineers and specialists with deep and broad biomedical engineering and commercialization expertise by leveraging access to state-of-the-art facilities like the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, as well as NTH’s established global networks of angel investors and venture capitalists. NTH’s consultant network of world-renowned neurotech experts represents diverse backgrounds and experiences and includes clinicians, scientists, technologists, commercialization experts, and patient advocates. In addition, NTH is planning education and mentorship of teams in business development, translation, and project management to help ensure their success.Over the next five years, NTH expects to launch 45 new neurological health innovation projects. With funding and research support from NIH, the selected projects will engage with NTH and the other incubator recipient under grant U54EB033650, CIMIT’s Center for Innovative NeuroTech Advancement (CINTA) program. CINTA leverages CIMIT’s experience and network of world-class academic and medical institutions partnering with industry and government to foster collaboration and accelerate innovative healthcare technologies. Both NTH and CINTA leaders will collaborate in an unprecedented manner to ensure the translational objectives of this NIH program are accomplished most efficiently and effectively, sharing resources and expertise.

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