NEXUS of Neurotech Innovation

The Washington-Baltimore Combined Statistical Area (CSA) is positioned as a "MedTech Harbor" and global leader. At the nexus of critical enablers, our CSA includes top-tier researchinstitutions, a world-renowned national laboratory (APL) that excels at prototyping and demonstrating transformative technology, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutionswith deep expertise and commitment to health equity. We also boast venture capital firms and MedTech accelerators that prioritize DEI, local access to federal government leaders, community partners engaged inadvancing inclusive innovation, and a diverse workforce. Accordingly, the leadership of Johns Hopkins University is incredibly instrumental to the MedTech Harbor's early development.Over 1 billion people around the globe are grappling with the debilitating effects of neurological disorders. Alzheimer's Disease, chronic pain, opioid use disorder, and strokes are just a few of themany conditions overwhelming patients and healthcare systems globally. However, there is hope on the horizon – with the help of cutting-edge technological solutions, we can revolutionize the way we diagnose, monitor, andtreat these conditions. By prioritizing patient-centered approaches, early-stage interventions, and inclusive innovation, we can transform the lives of those with neurological disorders, providing them with the care andsupport they need.The Nexus: The convening series aims to begin mobilizing stakeholders in the Washington-Baltimore CSA, including leaders from academic institutions, APL, government agencies, advocacy groups, andpolicymakers, to envision a future MedTech Harbor.  NTH will join forces with IIHI to describe a successful model of how our region can provide developers of groundbreaking inclusivemedical technologies with the necessary guidance, financial support, and shared experience to avoid common mistakes faced along the translation pathway. The convenings focus on broadening participation inHealthTech innovation and inclusive excellence. The IIHI will partner with leading scholars from the Berman Institute and JH-wide to ensure that our MedTech efforts hold to our vision of inclusive innovation in MedTech.The Proposed Series: Two symposiums within a year: 1) The Nexus of NeuroTech Translation and 2) The Nexus of Inclusive HealthTech Innovation.The Nexus of NeuroTech Translation: The first event introduced the NIH Blueprint NeuroTech Program and its mission to a diverse group of government, academic, and community stakeholders across theWashington-Baltimore CSA. Together with our DC partner Howard University School of Medicine, we  showcased the successes of NTH-supported neurotechnologies and invited attendees to discuss the opportunity forthis region to mobilize its resources to support enabling NeuroTech translation. After lunch, we hosted a panel discussion on how to build a MedTech Harbor in the Washington-Baltimore CSA and the impact it has bothlocally and globally. Notably, this panel includes representation from FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories to integrate regulatory input elements ofsafety and efficacy in the medical device innovation cycle. We closed the convening with an EquiTech networking event co-hosted with our community partner, Baltimore Upsurge, and research partners for Howardand APL. The event’s theme is an inclusive innovation and how to create an ecosystem where a diverse group of innovators and clinicians could collaborate to collaborate on groundbreaking technology in service to adiverse group of patients. 

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