Durnell Awarded the 2017 Mike R. Neal Legacy Scholarship Award

The Michael R. Neal Legacy Award is given annually to a student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement, media innovation and collaboration with and support of fellow media scholars. After receiving the award, Durnell responded, "I am keenly aware that I would not be receiving this Michael R. Neal Legacy award without the support and dedication of the Media Psychology faculty. Their impactful and significant contributions have not only provided opportunities for me to succeed, but they have laid the groundwork for all of us to surpass our goals, succeed in making an impact and create profound and necessary social change. I feel privileged to be engaged with and work alongside such a knowledgeable, inclusive and encouraging group of people. I owe a debt of gratitude to the late Dr. Michael R. Neal and his loving family, our faculty and my peers for this incredible and life changing honor."

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