Technology and Education

“When I think of technology, media and behavioral communication, I think of change, as both media and behavior has been impacted by technology. It may be the innovation in media and technology and its relationship to education that holds such promise.  From this perspective, I can interpret what is possible and how to prepare students to face the future as both knowledgeable and empowered citizens.”  

Linda Durnell  

Understanding how students engage with the world, is to also understand the risks and opportunities inherent in the changing media and a technology driven environment.  I worked in the technology field at Apple, and other major corporations and I’ve experienced firsthand how people turn to technology for solutions and for everything that is new, different, exciting and challenging and the impact this has on behavior.  As an educator, helping students to exercise reason and make responsible and respectful decisions, underscores the importance of emotions, and the role they play when using current technological solutions in the context of behavior change.  Asking students to explore, understand and develop core principles and how media can serve to promote the development of values at the individual, group, and community level, promotes awareness and clarifies the power and responsibility of utilizing technology.  Explaining that as technology changes, our own approaches may also require a redesign.


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