United Nations OSPOs For Good Symposium

OSPOs are industry-proven methods of accelerating open source adoption among Governments, not-for-profit organizations and academia alike leading to an unmistakable uptick in open source thought, strategy and long-term goals and implementation at all scales globally.Insofar as OSPOs are good for fostering an open source community, they are ineffective if siloed solely within their respective organizations. Their presence, though beneficial to the organization, still houses significant untapped potential as open source is inherently collaborative and global. OSPOs that don’t work together for a greater impact run counter to the ethos of open source. Thus, existing OSPOs must work together and build cross-border digital cooperation between organizations enabling unified progress towards realizing the open source paradigm.The event will provide education and challenges for attendees to join in building OSPOs for Good.  Through panel discussions, talks, workshops, and networking sessions, the event seeks to promote the concept of OSPOs for Good, explore infrastructure opportunities, and scale up initiatives while creating a dynamic and interactive environment for meaningful exchanges and collaboration among diverse stakeholders in the open source community. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice building and designing OSPOs for Good through sample organizations and case-studies, allowing for hands-on experience and practical application of the concepts discussed during the symposium.

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